Jennifer Foy

Novi, United States

Jennifer Foy

Novi, United States

Main Products

  • 3 Month Fitness Coaching

    The 3-month coaching programs includes: - Personalized training plan - Personalized Nutrition plan - Weekly follow-ups - Live Virtual Group Workout sessions (Any additional virtual sessions will be $15 each) (In person sessions are $40)

    $600.00 USD
    per 3 months
  • Personal Coaching

    This coaching programs includes: ~ Personalized training plan ~ Personalized nutrition plan ~ Weekly follow-ups ~ This option does not include training sessions (in-person or virtual). - Any one-on-one virtual training sessions are $20 each - Any one-on-one in-person training sessions are $40 each ~ You have full access for communication, and feedback is provided anytime. ~ You also have the option to join up to 8-virtual group training sessions a month.

    $100.00 USD
    per month


  • 8-Virtual Group Training (Monthly)

    The monthly virtual training plan includes 8 live virtual training sessions, typically 2/week. This will include full access to pre recorded sessions if the live session do not fit your schedule.

    $50.00 USD
    one time
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan/Guide

    This nutrition plan is personalized just for you. ~ If you want guidance weekly, you are required to log your meals daily. You can track them or simply take pictures. However you decide to log it is your choice but I can not provide advice if we do not know what you are actually consuming. We will discuss how to best structure your meals to help with consistency. I recommend following your nutrition plan for 4-weeks.

    $65.00 USD
    one time