Rocky Conejos

Columbia, United States

Rocky Conejos

Columbia, United States

Main Products

  • 6 Week Core Development

    The 6 Week Core training program will challenge your overall core strength and development. The exercises selected in this training program were designed to target specific areas of your core. The training is broken down into two types, stability and development. The core stability focuses on creating tension while development focuses on hitting specific muscles. NOTE: Your calendar will be updated weekly. Equipment needed: Long Bands

    $19.99 USD
    one time

Session Packs

  • Basic Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching

    / 30 min / one time

    Online habit changing, nutrition coaching through the Precision Nutrition Pro Coach app, and weekly check-ins via video call.

    4 Sessions

    Expire after 2 months
    $100.00 USD
    $25.00 / session