My wife and I help men and women completely reshape their heart, body and faith by building strength, confidence and energy all through Jesus Christ. Learn to love God to find your purpose through faith. Learning to be fit in all levels of life is one of the many empowering concepts of Wrong to Strong Fitness. Wrong to Strong was founded by JC Almanza, a Chicago southside born personal trainer, who has spent his life rebuilding himself and inspiring others to do the same through his transformational programs. He knows tragedy and he knows victory. While inside federal, state, and international prison systems, JC utilized his time to develop a method of exercises and weight training programs with core principles that now provide mentoring, community empowerment, and are transforming the lives of many from a place of hope, peace, non-violence, courage, and personal power. JC and his wife are now helping the masses on a larger scale, providing support to any who have experienced dark times and positively impacting and influencing communities by showing that it is possible to go from Wrong to Strong.