Will Pate

London, United Kingdom

Will Pate

London, United Kingdom

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Tips for Reducing Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

7 Aug 2021

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s working out after a period of absence, trying a new exercise or maybe we hit that personal best we’ve been seeking for a while. Waking up the next day can often leave us feeling tight, sore, and quite frankly like everything is creaking no matter our age! This pain […]

How To Choose The Right Trainer

16 Jul 2021

The world of personal and online trainers can be a little daunting if it is something we have not previously done before. Each trainer will work tirelessly with their client to give them the best results they could wish for and then celebrate the success to attract further business. Whilst some clients may be achieving […]

How To Stay Motivated – 5 Tips

14 Jul 2021

I have always been someone that has naturally been quite driven, and if I set my mind to something, I will generally do everything I can to achieve it. If it means something to me, I’ll do it! However, that is not to say that along the way there aren’t many potholes and obstacles to […]

Exercise For Your Mental Health

2 Jul 2021

Where ever we look on the Internet, in magazines or speaking to others in gyms we all know that exercise has many physical health benefits. But do we really speak enough about the impact exercise has on our own mental health? We have all grown up looking at super fit and lean men and women […]

De-bunk the Myths About Nutrition

8 Jun 2021

Nutrition is an integral part of a training lifestyle, but why is it often so over complicated? In previous years food has often been demonized for being unhealthy and bad for us and we are often told to avoid these foods. Food does not come in ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ forms. But instead, they are nutrient […]