Forward Active

Midsomer Norton, United Kingdom

Forward Active

Midsomer Norton, United Kingdom

Main Products

  • 6 week HIIT FIT

    Welcome to our 6 week, high intensity interval training phase. This program is designed to promote fitness and strength gains and maximum fat burning. Due to the intense nature of this program we recommend that this is only done 2-3 times a year between traditional strength phases. It is very taxing on your central nervous system so we want you to be aware of this and use appropriately. All explanations of the format are in the summary boxes in each workout. Please read carefully before beginning. The workouts have been scheduled monday to friday in order. We would love you to spend the weekends doing NEAT only so you rest and recover sufficiently. 10,000+ steps is a great way to do this. Feel free to tag us in on the socials. @wardactive and @rewardpt.movementcoach 💪 WORK HARD AND ENJOY!

    £20.00 GBP
    one time
  • Fly Programming

    Welcome to the FLY programming created by Dec from WardActive Personal Training. Each phase is 5 weeks long where you can progress by improving on your scores, weights or effort in the the workouts provided. Each phase will have a different focus to keep you improving in different areas of training. Monthly

    £20.00 GBP
    per month
  • Online Personal Training

    Programming made specifically to you and every week changing to help your progress move as fast as possible. You will receive full nutrition support including, full targets of your calories, your protein, carbs and fats. You will also get the increase input with your trainer with weekly check-ins.

    £40.00 GBP
    per month
  • Online Programming

    Have access to Dec's fitness programming app where you will get access to your workouts and also useful services to help your transformation. You will get 3-5 sessions a week programmed for you, with the program progressing you towards your goals. Program starts on the following Monday

    £24.95 GBP
    per month
  • Online Programming + Weight Management w/Bec

    3 sessions a week Weight Management What's App Support/Check in Sunday's

    £30.00 GBP
    per 4 weeks
  • WardActive Monthly

    Included in the WardActive Monthly Membership is ONE Personal Training session a WEEK, gym/workout programming to support you in the gym or workout space you have access to and everything the Forward App has to offer. 45-60 min sessions

    £160.00 GBP
    per month


  • Advanced Nutrition Support

    £9.99 GBP
    per month

Session Packs

  • 8 Personal Training Sessions + Online Support

    / 60 min / one time

    This package is for 8 Personal Training sessions (face to face) and the support of the Forward Active App. The app will have your workouts to do outside of your sessions with the coach, this is personalized to your goals and equipment you have access to.

    8 Sessions

    Expire after 6 months
    £240.00 GBP
    £30.00 / session

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