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Newark, United States

Walm NDure

Newark, United States

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How to Build Muscle With Exercise

20 Mar 2021

Also, studies show that exercising a few times a week is beneficial for mental health, too; it can even prevent and help with depression. While everyone has their own reasons for exercising. However, many head to the gym to work out because they want to build muscle. By combining certain exercises, such as weight lifting, […]

Post-workout Muscle Recovery: Why is Proper Recovery Essential?

16 Jul 2020

Everyone knows that in order to become faster and stronger, you have to push yourself harder. However, did you know that without proper post-workout muscle recovery, there is a greater chance of plateau? All workouts put stress on your body and create micro-tears in your muscles. This is when your hormone and enzyme levels fluctuate […]

Protein Is Essential to Good Health: Is More Better?

10 Jun 2020

In short, proteins are the building blocks of the body. They consist of combinations of amino acids that link in various ways to make muscles, bone, tendons, and other tissues. In fact, they serve many vital functions, for instance, nutrient transportation and enzyme production.  The word protein derived from the Greek word, protos, which directly […]

Surprising Update: the Timing of Intermittent Fasting Is Key to Success

21 May 2020

Though intermittent fasting as a weight-loss approach has been entertained for years in various forms. But it was not until 2012 that it became highly popularized. What gave it the nudge it needed to become more mainstream, was Dr. Michael Mosley’s TV documentary called Eat, Fast, Live Longer. Following right after the documentary was the […]

Incorporating Isometric Exercises Into Your Fitness Routine Can Have Surprising Benefits

5 May 2020

Everybody wants to get the maximum benefit out of their exercise routine. Whether you are a bodybuilder, a long-distance runner, or anywhere in between, strengthening your muscles is crucial to getting the conditioning you need. Though the classic approach is to hit the weights to build up muscle mass, there is another way that can […]