Empowering women to take their lives back one workout at a time. Specializing in; Vegan and plant-based nutrition Vegan Competition Prep. Resolving Digestive Issues Rebalancing hormones Rebuilding Metabolism

Main Products

  • 12 Month Complete 1:1 coaching

    Our 3 step proven program for guaranteed results 1.Metabolic Assessment Gut mapping Metabolic restoration Full hormonal lab profile Consultation with LNP Hormone Specialist Correction of any gut imbalance Restoration of Hormone Balance Building of lean mass, to support maximum metabolic function. 2. Fatster Fat loss Dieting on higher calories with less to no cardio becuase of taking the time to build a solid foundation in step one. We also work on stress management Improving sleep And balancing hormones during this stage. 3. Lifestyle integration. Without this exit piece, the weight will come back. So working to ensure education and long term realistic application s what we do as the final step. Lifetime Access to our coaches, community and resources, so that you never have to second guess yourself. Providing an atmosphere and tools for you lifelong results.

    $7,000.00 USD
    per 52 weeks
  • 16 Week Vegan Nutrition Course

    Introducing "The Complete Vegan Nutrition & Wellness Course" – a transformative and empowering journey designed to unlock the secrets of thriving on a plant-based diet. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to provide you with a high-value, foundational understanding of vegan nutrition and debunk common myths. Immerse yourself in the world of plant-based nutrition as you explore macronutrients and micronutrients essential for your well-being. Gain confidence in creating balanced meals packed with protein, iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12—all while reveling in delicious recipes tailor-made for a vibrant vegan lifestyle. But that's not all. "The Complete Vegan Nutrition & Wellness Course" goes beyond mere nutrition knowledge. It delves into the fascinating interplay between cortisol—the stress hormone—and its profound impact on your nutrition, weight management, and overall health. Unravel the complexities of stress management as you learn how cortisol influences appetite, metabolism, and even sex hormone production. Discover practical strategies to counteract stress-induced food cravings and emotional eating tendencies. And there's more! This course delves into women's hormones, menopause, gut health, histamine intolerance, exercise programming, and sustainable living—all enriched by insights into cortisol's role in each aspect. With 16 in-depth modules carefully curated by experts, you'll acquire a solid foundation in plant-based nutrition, stress management, and holistic well-being. Empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions, support your body's unique needs, and embrace a balanced, fulfilling vegan lifestyle.

    $3,000.00 USD
    one time


  • 4 Week Yoga Intro

    Path of Light: Winter Activation Yoga Maria will guide you through an energizing and activating weekly workshop offering Yoga asana flow, meditation, pranayama. Each week participants will receive a welcome letter with ways to deepen your personal practice. Also included will be an extended guided meditation and an in-depth asana presentation so that you can know the ins and outs of some of the most misaligned yoga poses.

    $49.00 USD
    one time