PHIT Fitness specializes in personal and online training.

Main Products

  • Tryumphit Access

    Personal best tracking you can post on your social feeds. Hundreds' of exercise videos with instructions Reach your goals, lose weight and have fun doing it with Tryumphit.

    $9.99 USD
    per month


  • 3 Month Weight-Loss Program

    Lose up 20 lbs and gain your mobility, flexibility, and the body you always wanted before the summer. Start reaching your goals today. What you will receive is 12 weeks of 6 different training plans design to increase your flexibility, mobility, and strength. Plus all of theses workout you can do at home. You will also get me as your 24hr personal trainer guiding you on how to perform the exercise correctly and keeping you motivated. I will also help you track goals, nutrition, and progression. Finally, my app has hundreds of exercises and video tutorials that you can use daily for your own exercise routines. If you are serious about losing weight, then this program and app is right for you.

    $30.00 USD
    per month
  • Core and Strength

    Dreaming of six-pack abs!!! This program lasts for 8 weeks and includes: -2 workouts (Day 1 - Rectus & Transverse Abdominals; Day 2 - Obliques, Hips, & everything Bbs) split over the week on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. -Assessments at the start, week 5, and upon completion of week 8.

    $75.00 USD
    one time
  • Lean Body Project

    6 Week Full Body Exercise Program Designed to Get You Lean.

    $60.00 USD
    one time
  • Transformation

    This program lasts for 16 weeks and includes: -16-week meal plan - 3 workouts (Day 1 - horizontal push/pull, biceps, leg press; Day 2 - vertical push/pull, triceps, & leg extension; Day 3 - torso & leg curl) split over the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively for the first 8 weeks. - 3 workouts (Day 1 - legs; Day 2 - pull; Day 3 - push) split over the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively. - Assessments at the start, week 5, week 9, week 13 and upon completion of week 16.

    $150.00 USD
    per month