Annalisa from California, is a passionate fitness professional who started her fitness career in 2010. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness industry have allowed her to focus on her true passion, to help all individuals build their confidence in their movement in every aspect of their life. At the young age of 5 Annalisa found her love for movement and music through dancing. Her love for dancing continued as an adult and translated into her career as a fitness professional teaching Zumba and now, as a Zumba Jammer, she has been able to share her passion with people around the world. Annalisa has never stop seeking growth through education. Which has made her well known for her unique approach to fitness. She currently holds a degree in Occupational Studies in Advanced Health and Fitness and certifications in AFAA, NASM, FMS, Pop Pilates, Aqua Fitness and Schwinn. Her mission is to help everyone find their inner strength through fitness and empower them to create their highest self and vision.