Personal Training 24/7 delivered to your mobile device with meal planning, recipes, video guides, group chat and incredible personal support. Based in Whitehaven and across the UK and English speaking countries specialising in body and lifestyle transformation.

Core Products

  • 1 Week FREE Trial

    Get it FREE NOW with discount code "FREETRIAL" and test out our App for yourself whilst COVID-19 keeps you locked indoors. We'll deliver example workouts, nutrition advice, recipes and much more. You'll get the chance to familiarise yourself with the App, from tracking results to in-App messaging your Personal Trainer - you can even ask others in group chats what they think of the service and their results.

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  • Social Distancing - Home Based Classes & Workouts

    A comprehensive daily workout with pre-recorded classes to work out to in your own home when you choose to, using just your own body weight and/or basic equipment if you have it. Dietary advice and guidance provided via the App and a group chat for community spirit and support, with a Personal Trainer on hand 24/7.

    per week


  • Lower Back Rehabilitation

    A systematic approach to exercise and stretching to promote improved health for those suffering with non specific lower back pain.

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