Tevis Toro

Vancouver, Canada

Tevis Toro

Vancouver, Canada

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Personal Training and the Holistic Approach

11 Dec 2020

A holistic approach emphasizes learning healthy habits before pushing your limits.  As a personal trainer, I stand firmly behind the holistic approach. Intense workouts and crash diets might deliver short-term results, but sustainable health for your mind and body comes from the regular practice of proper exercise selection, nutrition choices, stress management and recovery techniques. […]

What to Expect From a First Personal Training Experience

19 Aug 2020

It can be intimidating to contact a personal trainer (PT) for help reaching your health and fitness goals, especially if you’ve never set foot in a gym before. I want to clarify what a personal trainer can do and how they can help guide you on your fitness journey.  Choosing a Personal Trainer A PT’s […]

At Home Workout Setup

23 Apr 2020

What equipment is right for your space? It can be challenging to set up an effective home workout area, particularly when space is a constraint and with the overwhelming variety of home gym equipment out there. Below, I cover the key things to consider when purchasing fitness equipment and set out some of the benefits […]

Making the Most of Training Online

19 Mar 2020

Did you know online personal training can benefit you as much as in-person training? It may seem like there are limitations, but these can be overcome with effective communication between you and your trainer. Let’s dive into the positives and review some of the limitations together. Accessibility The most obvious benefit to training online is that […]