Stephen Byrne

Dublin, Ireland

Stephen Byrne

Dublin, Ireland

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  • 14- Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge

    This is an Intermittent Fasting Challenge to kick-start a new lifestyle for you. To Become Leaner and Get Control of Your Eating & Fitness For Good. 🔥Lose your 1st 5kg 💪🏻Look good 😝Feel great ❤Live better In the 14 days, you will learn how to implement Intermittent fasting safely and effectively. I will show you how to fit it around your life and alter the rules to suit you and still stay on track when life gets in the way. You will develop a winning mindset that won't give up at the first hurdle but seek progress, not perfection. The all-or-nothing attitude will get you nowhere fast. This will bring great value to you in your mission to get into the best shape of your life for good. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you on the inside. Stephen

  • The Shape Up Academy- Upgrade Your Results

    Upgrade Your Body & Results with The Shape Up Academy. Need support, structure, and accountability to maximize your consistency in the gym? But also to form better eating habits to create a happier, more confident healthier you. Get inside knowledge and fitness industry secrets that will blow your mind. Learn what is bull shit and what will work for you to build the body & fitness you always wanted. What you get -Massive confidence in how you look, feel, and live. -Simple but effective habit-focused coaching to maximize your results for good. -New fun training plans each month to build strength, muscle shape, and overall fitness. No more guessing or feeling like you don't know what to do. -Thousands of tasty, simple, recipes to accelerate your results. -Professional accountability check-ins each week and daily motivational support. -All with a group of like-minded people on the same mission as you. Guaranteed results or your money back.

    €250.00 EUR
    per month


  • 6 Week Beach Body Bootcamp

    In just 6 weeks you will build massive confidence to enjoy your trip to the beach or poolside party. No more covering up your body with baggy dark clothes and avoiding photos. I will provide you with the training plan to build up your strength, muscle shape, and fitness. Show you how to simplify your life, around food get amazing results, and still enjoy the foods you love most. Yes, even beer and pizza. The main thing you are missing is consistency and know-how to confidently take ACTION and I will provide that for you with the best teachings, top-class accountability, and community support from a group of people with the same goals as you. This is a game-changer. Not to be missed.

    €500.00 EUR
    one time

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