My name is Joao Mendes   I am a qualified personal trainer , Strength and fat loss specialist  that has been in the fitness world for the past few years. I developed my passion for fitness as an MMA fighter in Portugal (my home country), then dabbled a little in gymnastics, before finally bodybuilding. At 18 I've started my career in the Portuguese Army Forces where i have develop a very specific skill set that enables me to achieve great results for my clients , from exercise science to mindset coaching and nutrition for performance, I have acquired a broad range of knowledge that will give you the necessary tools to succeed.  Years later with 21 years hold , I moved to Manchester, qualified as a PT and here I'm ready to help anyone who wants to change their life for the best. I will deliver the best personal training experience to my clients by providing a service that is tailored entirely to their needs. I will show them that through exercise you can not only achieve your physical goals, but also develop a better mind-set through self development, which helps to achieve all kinds of goals.