Andrew Binks

Prince Edward, Canada

Andrew Binks

Prince Edward, Canada

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Vegan Life: Physician Heal Thyself!

5 Apr 2017

I wrote, a while back, about tweaking your diet and not making any major changes, all to prevent that oh-so-familiar “what the frig, I can’t stand this diet!” syndrome. Anyway, I have recently adopted a vegan lifestyle for my own reasons; I do not preach about the merits on your health, the planet etc., while […]

Food – The First Line of Defense

3 Jan 2017

We never had it rough when it came to food, when I was growing up. There was always a roast of some kind on Sundays, then leftovers and various pretty healthy food throughout the week. We had a variety of things for breakfast, which my dad usually prepared: eggs, poached, boiled (I liked mine hard […]

How to Create Custom Exercise Videos When You’re Camera Shy

22 Nov 2016

It took me a while to get around to starting my custom exercise videos, mostly because I was a bit self-conscious about setting up my camera in a candid kind of hope-no-one-is-watching kind of way. But I took the plunge and set up my little camera with a tripod and aimed where I hoped it […]

Continuous Movement: The Wave Theory

28 Oct 2016

I recently read an article by Jason Maxwell regarding certain elements of resistance training that combine to help you add muscle (create hypertrophy). Thinking back to a Youtube video I watched months ago about dumbbell bench press technique and keeping the pectoral muscles under tension throughout the lift (by basically pressing the dumbbells further apart, […]

A Good Diet is All About the Tweak

27 Oct 2016

It seems we are pummeled day after day with diets and eating plans dished out with overwhelming servings of guilt and implied remorse. You know the kind of headings “7¬†foods you must never eat,” “7 foods that are essential for weight loss.” Usually, you have to end up scrolling to the bottom of a mile […]