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  • Youth Wellness Plan & Education

    This program was developed to keep kids active during quarentine. Melissa has 3 active boys herself that are used to playing sports on a daily basis, which is why she knew there was a need for this program. Program Includes: Overall health assessment Healthy Eating Education The importance of taking care of your body Multiple Work-outs that can be done at home Healthy Eating Guide SwanSwag Notebook to journal & take notes **Small Group Rate Options Available**

    $850.00 USD
    one time


  • "Jump Start" Detox & Reset Program

    Give your body the boost it needs!! This Program is designed to re-set old habits and detoxify your body giving you the natural push you need to obtain optimal health and wellness. Our "Jump Start" Program Includes: One-on-One Virtual/In-Person Session with Melissa to discuss your fitness goals. Prior to this session, you will receive an email link to get started on our SwanSwag Fitness App. You will then be able to customize your account and complete your Online Consultation Form. Melissa will review everything before your first One-on-One. Access to our SwanSwag 3-day Detox Program with support from Melissa every step of the way. Your own Account on our SwanSwag Fitness App giving you 24/7 access to help & support SwanSwag's Monthly Goal Setting Worksheet: Designed to help you prioritize all aspects of your life and reduce stress. One SwanSwag Customized Work-Out: This work-out will be customized based on your needs and goals. You will never have to worry about losing your work-out either, because you can view it anytime anywhere via our SwanSwag Fitness App

    $100.00 USD
    one time
  • Customized Wellness Plan [360 Approach: *Nutrition *Workouts *Wellness]

    Our Customized Wellness Plan is the perfect way to achieve your goals and effectively improve your overall health and wellness for years to come. Each plan is completely customized to your specific needs, metrics, goals, and lifestyle. Once purchased, you will automatically receive a link to set-up your exclusive account on our SwanSwag Fitness App providing you with direct access to Melissa Marie, SwanSwag's Founder and Master Trainer that you will be working with. You will then be prompted to complete your SwanSwag Consultation Form. This form will be reviewed prior to your first One-on-One with Melissa. During this session, you will also receive a Full Health Assessment and Consultation either in-person or virtual. Melissa will take the time to understand your lifestyle and schedule to ensure the customized nutrition and workouts are planned accordingly. For example, if you have a family to prepare meals for, that may need to be considered when developing your plan. Other clients may have a hectic work schedule and don't have time to cook, so whatever your situation is, Melissa will factor that in when developing your specific program. Melissa Marie takes a 360 approach during the development process of your Wellness Program to ensure best results, she also factors in all of your metrics such as your resting heart rate, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass to name a few. Melissa then takes into account any medical restrictions you may have, your food likes and dislikes, what is available to you in regards your workouts, and how often you are willing to workout. Finally, Melissa uses your completed consultation form, health assessment, current diet, lifestyle, and goals to design the perfect Wellness Program for your specific needs. Each Program contains the following: Free access to our SwanSwag Fitness App 60 Minute virtual/in-person Consultation with Melissa 60 Minute Follow-up virtual/in-person and Wellness Plan Review with Melissa Your Health Assessment and Metrics Vitamin and Supplement Recommendations Swan Swag Weight Loss Mathematics: A complete breakdown of how to achieve your goals based on your specific metrics. (body weight, body fat%, lean muscle mass, resting heart rate, activity level, height, weight, lifestyle, eating habits, stress level, and schedule) Food Intake & Meal Plan Recommendations Work-out Schedule that fits your lifestyle 3 Customized Workouts specific to your goals Recipes Serving Size Help Guide Diet Friendly Alcohol Choices Tips to stay on track & maintain your healthy lifestyle Healing Foods Education Healing Spices and Herbs Education Monthly Goal Setting Worksheets to help you get organized and de-stress Education on how to "Elevate your Mood" Meditation Techniques Tips and Trips to de-clutter and de-stress your life

    $1,000.00 USD
    one time
  • One-On-One Personal Training Session

    With this package, you will receive your own account on our SwanSwag Fitness App to track your progress, review your workouts, along with direct access to your Personal Trainer. One-on-One in-person training is available for Los Angeles clients only, and Virtual One-on-One personal training is available via or Exclusive Fitness App, Zoom, or FaceTime for all clients living outside of the Los Angeles area. Each Session is 60 minutes. All work-outs are customized for each client's individual needs based on your SwanSwag Consultation Questionnaire that you will be sent prior to your one-on-one training session with Melissa Marie, Swan Swag's Master Trainer

    $120.00 USD
    one time