Lyndsay McIntyre

Belleville, Canada

Lyndsay McIntyre

Belleville, Canada

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    6 Weeks & a chance to win $300 in prizes!!! 5 workouts per week (optional 6th) 4x Strength training days 2x HIIT 2x Core 1x Functional training 1x Optional cardio Personalized macros (that change weekly if needed) 15 High Protein Recipe Pack Weekly video call check-ins **MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A FULLY EQUIPT GYM**

    one time

    This @HOME MEMBERSHIP has been created with time management in mind. We all know what it's like to feel like fitness is on the back burner because the thought of spending an hour in the gym plus commute just WON'T work … well now, it does! These workouts are created to be done in the comfort of your own home & all that's needed is a mini band!! No band? No prob, just find them on my website for $10 and you'll get one sent to your house within a matter of a few days! You will see the use of some props from time to time (stairs, chairs, etc). Workouts should take 20-30 minutes to complete & I'll bet you'll be feeling sweaty after each one! Your schedule is set up in a 2 days on, 1 day off format. This leaves flexibility in your busy calendar to be able to plug the workouts in the days best suited for your lifestyle. Just drag and drop your workouts around your calendar, all that I ask is that you keep them in order to allow for ample rest between muscle groups. ***This @HOME membership also has the added bonus of MONTHLY PRIZES based on participation and workout completion! *** This membership will renew monthly until cancelled.

    per 4 weeks
  • CUSTOM 30

    ​5 x workouts per week 30 minute long workouts Fully customized workouts Custom macro breakdown  Macro tracking education Habit tracking Weekly in app check-ins

    per 4 weeks

    Macro only coaching is perfect for someone who is crushing it in the gym but is unsure why they are not seeing the results they want or for someone who knows their nutrition needs some work. *enter macro coaching* I will become your little back pocket nutrition fairy who will help you stay on track, motivated & courage you throughout this process. We will find the right set of macros to help you achieve your goals but also making sure you're having fun doing it. Staying strict & tracking 80% of the time and enjoying those treats the other 20%

    per month

    This is your set us fee. Please allow for 24-48 hours for me to contact you via email. This will include the purchasing link for your STANDARD COACHING PACKAGE. Upon purchasing the set up fee, you will be able to get started on a free 1 week « starter pack « while your custom program is being made. *Please note that this is a generic program that does require dumbbells so you may or may not be able to do everything; this a just something I'm giving you as I work hard behind the scenes on your custom program*

    one time

    5 x workouts per week 45 - 60 minute long workout Fully customized workouts Custom macro breakdown Macro tracking education Habit tracking No scheduled check ins

    per 4 weeks

    Initial phone call consultation 5 x workouts per week 45-60 minute long workouts Fully customized workouts Prescribed macro breakdown Macro tracking education Food tracking & monitoring (M-F) High Protein pack recipes Habit coaching Barrier breakdown 3 x 30 minute phone call per month Entered into win monthly prizes

    per 4 weeks



    *Please note the cost of $15 is your application fee* Upon purchasing this application fee you will be directed to download the Trainerize app. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your welcome email that includes in great detail of what to except for your program and your assessment questionnaire link. Once this assessment is received your coach will go over your goals and timeframe to determine the package that's best for you. 4 weeks = $60.00 8 weeks = $100.00 12 weeks = $130.00 16 weeks = $150.00 *Your fully customized training plan will be delivered to you within 7 days via Trainerize app*

    one time