Tried and tested training and lifestyle program for women experiencing hormone changes that have affected their quality of life and fitness/wellness goals. Steeped in science and developed by the Founder of Sexy Ageing, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, qualified midlife women coach and trainer.

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  • 8-week Sexy Ageing Consistency Program - Challenge Starts 20th May!

    Welcome to the 8-weeks Consistency Program This challenge is all about staying consistent with your strength and health - the important factors you can control when it comes to managing midlife health. Having more lean muscle tissue as we age gives you 40% more protection against all-cause mortality - a longer and healthier life to get that bucket list done! Quality sleep, hydration and stress reduction play a major role to managing menopause symptoms. None of this is rocket science but the hard part is implementing it and staying consistent. I believe in you!

    $47.00 NZD
    one time
  • BEGINNERS 8 week Bodyweight Program - challenge starts Mon 20th May!

    YOU have not been forgotten. This is where you start if you are a complete novice to exercise and you've realised that it's time to make movement a regular fixture towards longevity. This is a judgement-free, bodyweight program that sets you on the path to health, strength, balance, mobility and mental health. In this program, you will have: 2x Bodyweight workouts/week Yoga Practices Daily health tips for midlife and menopause Recommended options for daily movement A community of women working out alongside you - somewhere in the world Discounts on products and services ME! You can video message or text message directly in the APP

    $47.00 NZD
    one time
  • FREE WEEK - Sexy Ageing Fitness and Lifestyle Plan - Strength, Core, Yoga, Agility and More!

    For your FREE week of the Sexy Ageing Fitness and Lifestyle Plan, you can expect a Gym-based Full Body Workout, a Home-based Full Body Workout, a 20 minute HIIT workout, a specialised Mobility/Balance/Agility/ Core workout, a yoga practice and daily Menopause Management tips. For the home workouts, you will need some dumb bells from 4 - 8kg minimum and up to 12 kg if you have experience. You can choose to engage with the community and can also communicate directly with me for questions you might have. For the monthly subscription the workouts, yoga and playlists change every week.

  • Sexy Ageing Fitness and Lifestyle Program - new workouts every week!

    First of it's kind Fitness and Lifestyle APP for the Menopause woman! Gym-based workouts, home-based workouts, HIIT workouts, Yoga and daily menopause management tips, including nutrition tips. Music Playlists to motivate you through your workouts. A built in community and two-way communication with Tracy. For the home workouts, you will need some dumb bells from 4 - 8kg minimum and up to 12 kg if you have experience.

    $35.00 NZD
    per month


  • Coach Call: One on One

    Discuss your unique situation: symptoms, questions, challenges, goal setting and motivation

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for Coach Call (expire after 3 months)

    $75.00 NZD
    one time
  • Sexy Ageing Pilates Series One

    Bladder leakage is NOT a part of being a woman and having to use pads all the time shouldn't become the "new normal". Often we focus on the "core" but the pelvic floor is left out of the conversation as part of essential core training. Use this series of THREE lessons to bring awareness to the pelvic floor and to strengthen your muscles and support your workouts. Weight bearing exercises and resistance training also help pelvic floor strengthening. Video 1: all about training your pelvic floor muscles. Learning how to modulate them up and down and feel and train the '4 walls' Video 2: Focus on pilates basic principles then incorporating them into full body movement. Extra focus on core, inner thigh, spinal movement and upper strength Video 3: Build on from video 2 with more focus on hip strengthening and stability. Belinda Van de Ven is an experienced fitness and pilates coach with over 20 years of training women. Bachelor of Sport & Rec with an Exercise Science major Trained Stott Merrithew in Comprehensive Matt Pilates and Reformer Studio Pilates Matt and Reformer Pilates Qualified Advanced Pre and Post Natal Training Qualified in 'Trigger Point' Therapy technique Certified Massage Therapist

    $15.00 NZD
    one time