Reshaud Dubose

Towson, United States

Reshaud Dubose

Towson, United States

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Let’s Talk Life Force – Water!

18 Feb 2022

Our Life Force – Water Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most well-known people in history, did 17 fasts in his career fighting for India’s freedom. For 17 days he didn’t consume any food. He did consume natural fruit juices and had a pretty crazy routine of sleep body care and daily tasks to keep his […]

Let’s Talk Hunger and Portion Sizes

7 Feb 2022

Let’s talk about our Portion Sizes and Hunger! ​When it comes to managing portions it is a practice and not something you just are good at. These Tips helped me with my own nutrition regimen. Knowing about hungry allows you to be more equipped in tackling it when it arises so we are going to […]

Finding Your Exercise for Your Routine

31 Jan 2022

I made this table about a year ago for my Fitness Group. It was to outline possible reasons why you would choose a specific split or exercise routine. This is just some general information and my recommendation based on the time you have available to commit to working out. So, if you are just getting […]

How Calories Affect Your Goals

31 Jan 2022

A calorie is a unit of energy and is defined as the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. We use calories to measure the potential energy absorption of the nutrients we intake. When it comes to weight loss, maintenance , or gain the 1st […]

Learn Your True Fitness Goal

31 Jan 2022

As much energy and thought you give your goal will be similar to the amount of effort you are willing to give to make a change for it. If your goal took 17 seconds to think of and feel it really isn’t something you developed enough of an emotional connection to that you will be […]

Find Your Fitness Solutions

27 Jan 2022

I created this chart I call the Find your Fix Matrix and it really is to give fitness solutions to some of the most common challenges I’ve seen my clients face. So, take a look and see if any could help you realize what options you have available! Nutrition Challenges Common Challenges        […]

How to Set Your Nutrition Routine

13 Jan 2022

Conquering your nutrition and diet really comes down to 2 factors: 1. Shift your Calories and Macros based on your energy needs One of the most frequent things I hear from clients is ” I don’t know what to eat for my goals.” If your goal focuses on looking better, feeling better, getting more energy, […]

Gainz for Gamers

26 Jul 2019

Gaming isn’t new by any means. The gaming world is broad and has a lot of different genres. From fighting games to role-playing games and many more there is a world to discover. Gaming is taking over so much the Gaming community has esports and more and more players are getting sponsorships. Gaming is starting […]

What Do You Think It Costs to Change Your Life?

15 Jul 2019

Imagine you are looking for a personal trainer in your area. You find one that is a good fit for what you want to achieve and how you live your life. If at the end of the conversation he told you he would charge you $10 an hour. What would you think? At this point […]

3 Reasons You Need a Fitness Coach

4 Jul 2019

There is a lot of noise in the Fitness industry and it can be overwhelming taking in the abundance of information that is shown to us every day. From the workout videos to the loose of 20lbs in 30-day programs we see everywhere, it can become a bit much. A lot of times we need […]