Imagine living a life with time.. Time for yourself, your health, and whatever else to cater to YOU. Imagine waking up feeling energized and unapologetic for working out, meditating, or even just being in the "NOW" and just STILL.. Its a breath of fresh air isnt it sis? You’re the one that people come to when they want things done, because you do it. BUT …. At what cost is it to you? Is this constant giving to others, now affecting your health, your relationships and your ability to look at yourself in the mirror, without criticising your body, beating up on yourself for things you’ve said or done. As women we are conditioned to over serve and over give ..we tend to feel like we are the foundation for EVERYONE.. what about YOU QUEEN?! So let's release ourselves from conditioned ways! Let's break free to live a happier and healthier life! Let's own our confident and sexiness as women! Catering to your mind and body will lead you to a longer and happier life.