Keith Williams

Los Angeles, United States

Keith Williams

Los Angeles, United States

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When Eating at a Friend’s House

23 May 2019

Hey guys and gals, let’s take a minute to talk about our sweet friends that support our weight loss journey. These amazing, supportive friends who will eat an entire pepperoni pizza in front of your face and then ask you how your salad taste. Sound about right? Unfortunately, no matter how much our friends and […]

Are Carbs Evil?!

4 Sep 2018

Why do carbs get such a bad rap? Mostly because of the abundance of misinformation on the web, carbs are treated like the evil stepchild. Are Carbs Evil?! The truth is that carbohydrates are the primary energy source for humans, depriving our body of it can place our health in danger unless recommended by a […]

Growing muscles – Chasing the Pump!

4 Sep 2018

So you’re looking to growing muscles, huh? You’ve probably searched all over the internet for the perfect workout that will give you those arms of steel like Arnold in his hey day. But search result after search results yields you zero satisfying results, causing you to feel discouraged. But fear not, Coach Keith’s got your […]

Best Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

7 Aug 2018

So you’ve just completed an entire hour of a grueling workout that has your entire body shaking, ready to tap out. You can feel your energy depleting more with every step as you walk from the gym to your car. As you get in your car you have the urge to grab something to eat. […]

Foam Rolling: Top 5 Benefits to Your Health

17 Jun 2018

Self Myofascial Release, more commonly known as foam rolling, is a method of releasing adhesion, or knots, from the muscles. A practice we all need to implement in our day-to-day life. A lot of us suffer from rounded shoulders and tight traps due to excessive time spent looking at electronic devices such as laptops and […]

Why You Should Be Drinking Water Now

29 Jan 2018

My favorite topic by far: why you should be drinking water and its amazing benefits! Replenishing your body with water has an abundance of benefits including the promotion of healthy weight loss, the improvement of skin complexity, increasing your energy, preventing headaches, relieving fatigue, flushing out toxins, maintaining regularity in digestion, boosting your immune system, […]