Luke Armour

United Kingdom

Luke Armour

United Kingdom

Main Products

  • LAPT S.M.A.R.T Workout 'Starter Pack'

    Sign up to become a client and take on the various workouts I'll add to your training plan. The workouts will focus on simplicity, limited equipment, combining home and gym workouts. You'll burn fat, build muscle, improve your energy levels, and absolutely love the tracking aspect of the app. Seeing your progress with every session you take on is very satisfying! Immediately after signing up, you'll have access to six workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. Once active, you'll enjoy access to the various add-on packs of workouts I add. These can be purchased to add to your current training plan, to keep things fresh, varied, and challenges. Perfect for plateaus, when boredom sets in, and when extra motivation is required!

    £30.00 GBP
    per 4 weeks
  • LAPT Studio Workouts

    Struggling to know what to do in the gym? Whether you're using the private facilities at Gillingham or Chatham, there's various workouts for you to attempt to ensure you leave knowing that you've completed an efficient, challenging workout.

    £9.99 GBP
    per month
  • Online Personal Training (12 Weeks)

    Sign up to become a client of mine and receive a fully personalised training program based on your individual requirements. Whether you have a pair of dumbbells, one kettlebell, or even no weights whatsoever - we'll create a training program that's based around your training goals. We are talking, losing fat, building muscle mass, becoming fitter, eating healthier and for purpose, more functional - and much more. Have ongoing contact with me 24/7 to keep you accountable.

    £50.00 GBP
    per 12 weeks
  • The LAPT 'Wake Up' Workouts

    Join me for my daily workout routines lasting 5 minutes. Wake up feeling refreshed, energised, and set for the day. If you have more time, complete up to 30 minutes. Seize the day like you've always wanted to, and create life lasting habits. Those who require extra routines with equipment can request personalised sessions! Using my mobile app is a great way to hold yourself accozunable, log workout statistics, and see your progress. Make sure you take advantage of the 1st month FREE with the discount code 'WAKEUPFREE'. Good luck!

    £9.99 GBP
    per 3 weeks


  • Chest Workouts

    Chest workouts designed to maximise your experience fro the LAPT Studios.

    £5.00 GBP
    one time