Kehla Guimond

North Vancouver, Canada

Kehla Guimond

North Vancouver, Canada

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Overcoming Self-Doubt

26 Nov 2020

I know you know the feeling. It’s that wave that creeps up behind you, engulfing you, causing your heart to drop in your stomach. The thousands of thoughts of ‘but what if this happens…’ or ‘I can’t possibly do that..’ pop into your mind clear as day, as if it’s already happened instead. We call […]

Respect the Journey While Trusting the Process

17 Sep 2020

When it comes to goals, it can be very easy to get caught up in the perfect plan and execution. The reality is, this is completely unrealistic because we are humans and are not robotically ‘perfect’ at all times. Today’s article is going to be diving into the reality of what it means to respect […]

What It Takes to Have a Growth Mindset

15 Sep 2020

The journey in this article is truly about exploring what it takes to have a growth mindset in life. I’ll be sharing the 6 components that I believe are necessary for having a growth mindset. I’ll also share the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset so that you can have the opportunity […]

My 5 Rules for Living a Phenomenal Life

19 Aug 2020

A Blueprint for Success They say that rules are made to be broken, but rather than breaking the rules, I’m here to discuss the possibility of living by rules that are expansive and empowering. As I dove deeper into improving myself through personal development over the last several years, I’ve discovered patterns for success that […]

A Simple Method for Generating Consistency in Life

31 Jul 2020

Achieving anything in life typically requires the synchronicity of the multiple aspects of ourselves – our thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and in particular, the action we take. When all these moving pieces are flowing together effortlessly, we are able to create the fuel for achieving our goals in life – consistency. Through my own personal experience […]

Your Belief System: the roots to success with your health & fitness

6 Jul 2020

It Started as a Grind Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an athlete playing sports. I did it all: dance, tennis, soccer, baseball, track and field, volleyball – the list goes on. In grade 8, when I was 13 years old, I discovered rugby through a unit in my Physical Education class. The rest […]