Jermaine Brown

Houston, United States

Jermaine Brown

Houston, United States

Main Products

  • 30 Day Fat Shredder Program (ABS Edition)

    This is a 30 day program that will not only target your abs, but your body overall. Not your average program, push yourself and get every last rep, it counts. Feel free to message me with any questions. Do proper warm up and cool down before and after. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Lets shed some fat....

    $29.99 USD
    one time
  • Consultations

    Consultation for Personal training, Virtual training or Nutrition Coaching, This will be a 60 min session via zoom or phone to ask any questions about my training and how I can help you get to your goals. Booking a consultation will show me that you're serious about starting this journey and that our time is being used efficiently.

    $25.00 USD
    one time

Session Packs

  • Online PT

    / 60 min / one time

    Online Personal Training includes a 45-60 min workout session , from the comfort of your own home. Minimal equipment needed, this would be great for beginners or anyone who has not worked out for a while and looking to get back in shape. Resistance bands, a pair of dumbbells would be great. We can also use thigs around the house so no worries.

    1 Session

    Expire after 1 week
    $40.00 USD
    $40.00 / session

    3 Sessions

    Expire after 1 week
    $100.00 USD
    $33.33 / session

    10 Sessions

    Expire after 1 month
    $300.00 USD
    $30.00 / session

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