James Clewlow

Sheffield, United Kingdom

James Clewlow

Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Salad is THE Best – Here’s Why

30 Aug 2018

Let’s look at why salad is no.1 for making sure you eat healthy on a regular basis. Eating fruits and veggies can be hard Particularly of course if you genuinely don’t like them, have a busy lifestyle or are like me and have a takeaway opposite your house! Talk about the easiest way to justify why […]

The Life Skills Only Fitness Can Develop

30 Aug 2018

Fitness and the nature of it brings a lot of transferable life skills which to be honest guys, I never really noticed until recently. Let’s get into it. Now let’s get this straight. I’m no life guru! I’m 20 years old and have no way near as much life experience as others. But one thing I […]

Getting Started with Fitness

30 Aug 2018

In today’s post I talk about getting started with fitness: how I first started to become interested in fitness leading to what is now a ridiculous passion, helping people like you improve yourself through fitness. Exercise, sport and fitness… whatever you want to call it, they all reflect similar values which bring, funnily enough, like-minded people […]

Setbacks, Failures, and How to Interpret Them

14 Aug 2018

Setbacks and failures can occur in every aspect of life. In this blog, let’s look specifically at how to interpret setbacks in the gym to your advantage. Let’s be honest, life can be hard. There are lots of daily challenges which we all face. They might be difficulties with coursework, your ob, finances or just […]

Number One Exercise for Shoulder Development

8 Aug 2018

Read these three reasons why Standing Barbell Shoulder Press is the best exercise for shoulder development! There are numerous ways in which the deltoid (including the posterior, lateral and anterior muscles) muscle can be trained. Various exercises include the use of dumbbells or barbells and can be isolation or compound exercises. Personally, there is always […]

Three Key Variables in Strength Training

7 Aug 2018

Learn how to manipulate volume, intensity and frequency – key variables in strength training – and achieve better results!  Strength training is very much different to hypertrophy training. A lot of the time, people think that doing loads of sets and getting a lot of volume into their workouts is critical. Also, they may think […]

7 Best Protein Sources on a Student Budget

24 Jul 2018

Boost protein intake with these 7 protein sources!  Yes, I know the struggle of being a student. The grim sight of looking at your bank balance when you wake up on a Sunday morning with lots of transactions and no earnings coming in. It may even be the case of slipping into our overdrafts. When […]