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High-Intensity Training versus High-Volume Training

3 Oct 2023

I’ve often seen people raving about the superiority of Mike Mentzer’s and Dorian Yates’ style of High-Intensity Training (HIT). They say that achieving and reaching past failure once is better than getting close to failure several times. They point to the incredible physique of both as evidence for why it works well. But is this […]

Stuck: How to Break Through a Training Plateau

3 Oct 2023

Have you been lifting weights and eating right but still not seeing growth? You might be stuck in what we call a “training plateau.” Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, especially people who have been working out for a long time. Let’s talk about how to break through it and keep growing! Before you go […]

From Skinny to Shredded: A Hardgainer’s Introduction to Gaining Muscle

3 Oct 2023

While most of the population struggles to lose weight to get shredded, there’s a minority of individuals who need to gain weight to get jacked. These guys are often overlooked simply because there are not as many of them, and many fitness tips won’t apply quite as well to people who have such difficulty gaining […]

Optimal Technique vs. Good Enough

13 Jan 2023

If you’ve ever visited the comment section of a video with a lot of views that shows someone performing an exercise, chances are you’ve seen comments arguing about technique. If you’ve read these arguments, it’s likely you read the term “optimal” at least once or twice. You’ve also probably heard “technique overweight” or something to […]

The Myth of Perfect Technique

13 Jan 2023

Perfect technique sort of exists. It is theoretically possible to improve your technique to a point that it is nearly impossible to improve it any further. However, your technique depends on a sizable number of things: your own body, your goals, your skill level, and your experience, to name a few. With a sufficiently specified goal, […]

The Many Paths to Fitness

28 Dec 2022

There are a near-limitless number of ways to get fit. If you ever hear a trainer tell you that the only way to get fit is to follow their program, chances are they are lying to you. That’s why you’ll see terribly fit people swear that CrossFit is the best, or that bodybuilding is the […]

The Problem With Science on Fitness

7 Nov 2022

Let me clear things up before I continue. I’m a big fan of scientific studies on fitness and a lover of science in general. I think science is vital for increasing our understanding of anything, fitness being no exception. It has helped us understand so much about both the theory and practice of all things […]