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Amanda Boyd

Nixa, United States

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5 Core Exercises to Add to Your Workout

19 Aug 2019

Spice up your core routine with these 5 exercises. Activating multiple muscle groups, each exercise promotes core strength, endurance, and stability. Overhead Squat With the barbell or dumbbells, extend arms overhead with the biceps in line with the ears. As you descend into your squat, keep hips neutral and core tight. Once you have reached […]

5 Habits that Sabotage Weight Loss

30 Jul 2019

A weight-loss journey is filled with highs and lows. Shedding weight through persistence and hard-earned sweat is a celebrated victory. However, stalling can feel like a never-ending defeat. There are many elements to address when wanting to drop weight and no “one-size-fits-all” approach. We suggest taking a look at these 5 habits that could sabotage […]

3 Must Reads for All Nutrition Labels

27 Nov 2018

The history of the food label (nutrition labels) dates back to 1862 when President Lincoln launched the Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Chemistry, known today as the Food and Drug Administration. 3 Must Reads for All Nutrition Labels It wasn’t until 1990 that packaged foods required a nutrition label as well as all health […]

Running The Endurance Program Into the Ground

28 Jun 2018

Before you lace up those sneakers, take a read at some of the common mistakes all endurance athletes have made.  Forrest Gump showed us what our bodies could do and where our legs could take us. Okay, so this is a romanticized version of what life is like for a runner. Still, shouldn’t life be […]

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

15 Aug 2017

Are you trying to figure out why you’re not losing weight? What would you give to see that number move? Or maybe the question is, what have you given to see it move but to no avail? Although the scale doesn’t give us a complete picture of our body transformation, we still seek it to […]

HIIT Workout: The Best Way To Kill Fat

5 Mar 2017

HIIT Workout (High Intensity Interval Workout): Not just a fad, but a great way to burn calories and kill fat. The long days of cardio are over even if you are an endurance athlete. HIIT workout is an efficient way to better endurance capacity, rev up metabolism and keep that calorie burn high throughout the […]