Ali Register

Washington, United States

Ali Register

Washington, United States

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  • 10 Day Detox and Training Plan w Supplement

    Detox your liver, colon, and kidney use Last Minute Cleanse! This powerful short period detox is perfect for revitalizing your body before a big event or diet change. For your 10-Day Detox, the goal is to accomplish your workouts every other day. These workouts should take no longer than 20-25 minutes and can be done anywhere as no equipment is required.

    $10.00 USD
    one time
  • Customized meal plan

    Customized meal plan that will update weekly so that you can have variety of foods, whether vegan, vegetarian, low-sodium needs, Mediterranean diet, keto, low cholesterol needs, balanced diet, pescatarian, protein dominant, paleo. All meal plans are customized to you unique goals combined with dietary restrictions or needs.

    $75.00 USD
    per week
  • iLIFT ACADEMY (3) Elite Personal Training w Ali Register The Fitness Strategist

    3x Personal Training Sessions per week, 12x sessions a month for 3 months or more. Sessions will include 3x Phases: Myofasical deep tissue body work, Elite Workout, Deep tissue body work again, performed with machine/tool (Theragun / Myobuddy) Completely Tailored nutrition plan (prepared meals delivered via fedex optional) Your own Personal Training App complete with exercises and nutrition (for days we don't train, travel, or missed sessions) Before and after, and progress pictures (in app) All datapoints/metrics/weight tracked (in app) Vitamins/Supplement consultation Travel workout Plan(in app) Eating out guides Travel eating plans

    $540.00 USD
    per week
  • iLIFT Muscle Enhancement Plan

    Customized workouts and nutrition, and accountability (yes I will hold your hand) to reach the target weight, body type, or size.

    $100.00 USD
    per week
  • iLIFT Muscle Enhancement Program

    Virtual coaching, customized workouts, customized nutrition, zoom/followup calls

    $300.00 USD
    per 2 weeks
  • Ripped Dad Muscle Enhancement Program

    customized workouts, ,customized nutrition plan, coaching, zoom/follow up calls.

    $150.00 USD
    per week


  • 2 Week Health Enhancement Plan (Explicit Content)

    This plan is designed to get the body into ketosis (fat-burning) without stress on the liver. It works the same as high protein and fat diets, only it’s a healthier option. Benefits include weight loss, inches loss, reduced aches and pain, improvement in nails and skin, and an increased sex drive. The program is not just a detoxification cleansing process, it’s a healing process to restore liver function, and a healthy liver enhances weight loss. At the end of the two-week program, you should notice that your cravings are gone, your bowel movements should be improved, your energy should be up, and you should be losing weight and/or inches, and normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Weight/Inches loss will vary and usually depends on how much healing the liver needs, and how much time needed to regenerate muscle protein. However, just about everyone will experience improved energy, better sleep, fewer cravings, and improvements in hair, nails, skin and sex drive because of the liver’s enhanced ability to utilize hormones.

    $19.00 USD
    one time

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