Hutton Health - Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body. I am a personal trainer and health & wellness coach who strives to help you find your inner strength and improve your life. As an online coach I am passionate about helping my clients make conscious lifestyle changes to become fitter, healthier and happier. It is exciting to watch people make conscious lifestyle changes that encourage positive growth. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you progress in terms of energy, confidence, mindset and fitness. I work with each client to create programmes and enhance motivation to achieve individual goals. I am a big believer in the connection between the mind and the body. Through our work together, I will provide mindset training to help build resilience and practice positivity. I help women regain control over their bodies and make their health & wellness a priority. My mission: • To increase your fitness level • To help you build confidence • To coach you through making positive lifestyle choices • To help you be healthier and happier in your body • To provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere • To help you become more resilient • To help you be the best version of YOU