Tyrell Edwards

Orlando, United States of America

Tyrell Edwards

Orlando, United States of America

Main Products

  • Hardbodied Hybrid Coaching (Online, In-person)

    A great mix of both online and in-person coaching. All of the accountability and connection of an in-person coach with the benefits of flexibility that comes with online coaching.

    $90.00 USD
    per week
  • Hardbodied PPL Pull, Push, Legs

    This 8-week full body program is constructed to allow you to have your basic training splits and hit all of your major muscle groups. Perfect for beginner or intermediate lifters in the gym.

    $100.00 USD
    one time
  • Hardbody FREE trial home workout program

    3 challenging bodyweight workouts that can be done from the "comfort" of your home. These workouts are an effective sample of the "Homebody" 6-week program. Enjoy!

  • HBBL Harbodied Butt Lift Program

    Ready to finally add some size and lift to those glutes? If so, this program is just for YOU! 12 weeks of phased workouts that incorporates upper body and core training but are specifically targeted to develop the muscles in the lower body. Especially the GLUTES!

    $200.00 USD
    one time
  • Online Elite Coaching

    Online training with added benefits of habit coaching and nutritional guidance. Weekly check-ins along with instant messaging available.

    $70.00 USD
    per week


  • Habit Coaching

    The perfect way to help self-assess. We are a product of our daily habits, and with this add-on, we can begin to work on those daily processes to help improve our mental and physical well-being.

    $10.00 USD
    per week
  • Nutritional Coaching

    Daily/Weekly accountability coaching to help you stay on track with your nutrition goals. Remember, nutrition is 80% of the battle to maintaining a healthy body fat percentage.

    $20.00 USD
    per week

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