Joe Enabnit

Marion, United States

Joe Enabnit

Marion, United States

Main Products

  • Club Membership

    Choose one of our workout plans. Follow the plan. Track your progress. Chat with your coach. Get daily Scripture readings, prayers, and bodyweight-only WODs for travel or extra work. Get access to our private Facebook group to fellowship and get advice. Barbell training programs for every experience level, and some options for limited equipment as well. This is a recurring payment, billed monthly. No contract, cancel any time.

    $29.00 USD
    per month
  • In-Person Private Training 5 Sessions Per Week

    $550.00 USD
    per month
  • Monthly Online Coaching

    Work with a Certified Personal Trainer to develop a customized workout and nutrition plan to fit your specific needs, goals, equipment, and schedule. Get that plan delivered to your phone through our custom app with helpful videos and a detailed write-up. Track your progress. with weigh-ins and workout logs. Contact your coach any time to ask questions or make adjustments. No experience required- just a willingness to learn. Recurring payment. No contract- cancel any time.

    $129.00 USD
    per month

Session Packs

  • 15 Private PT Sessions

    / 60 min / one time

    15 Private sessions at $36/session plus transaction fee. These sessions will appear on your calendar as "Appointments." You can cancel an appointment (or I can) at any time and it will not count against your 15 session credits, up to 1-hour's notice.

    15 Sessions

    Do not expire
    $565.00 USD
    $37.66 / session