Janis Behan

Vancouver, CA

Janis Behan

Vancouver, CA

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Trainerize.me: Now You Can Find the Perfect Online Personal Trainer

15 Jul 2016

Welcome to Trainerize.me! It’s the world’s first online personal trainer platform that allows people to find and connect with the perfect online personal trainer, and helps fitness and nutrition professionals reach more clients and tap into a new revenue stream with online training and meal plans. If you are looking for a personal trainer, you […]

Diary of a Trainerize Client: In the Groove with Personal Training

9 Jul 2016

I’m now onto Week 2 of my personal training as a Trainerize client. I expected much of the same from last week, but boy, was I wrong! Foam Rolling After a quick jog on the treadmill to warm up, I told my personal trainer I was feeling stiff from running 6 kilometres the day before, so she […]

Diary of a Trainerize Client: 1st Workout with My Personal Trainer

2 Jul 2016

Since last week was my assessment with my personal trainer, this week was my first real one-on-one training session. I was nervous, sweaty. And this was before the session even started! My Warm up I got to the gym a little bit early to warm up on the treadmill, since I didn’t want it cutting […]

Beyond the gym selfie: How technology is changing the fitness industry

29 Jun 2016

The fitness industry is no stranger to fads. Just a few decades ago, bizarre contraptions that looked more like torture machines were sold as the latest gizmo to help you get fitter. Vibrating belts, fancy sit-up contraptions; all manners of home exercise equipment have been hawked on late night infomercials, since, well, the invention of […]

Diary of a Trainerize Client: An Assessment with My Personal Trainer

25 Jun 2016

The First Experience with My Personal Trainer I have never had a personal trainer before. I’ve been to fitness classes, and small group training sessions, but never had a one-on-one workout with a trainer, where it was all about me, and me only. I have to say, it intimidated me at first. In a spin class or bootcamp, […]