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The Importance of Objective Testing in Rehabilitation

25 Mar 2024

The use of objective testing in rehabilitation, performance or general health and well-being plays a crucial role. These tests provide concrete data points that guide individuals and their physiotherapist/trainer/coach in understanding their current status and progress over time. By measuring various physical parameters such as flexibility, endurance, strength, and power, objective testing offers a clear […]

Test Your Lower Body Endurance At Home

27 Feb 2024

I use some form of testing with all my clients or patients in order to identify key deficits and monitor progress over time. There are loads of testing options, some of which rely on high-tech equipment, which needs a skilled operator and are therefore fairly expensive. Some, however, require little to no equipment and can […]

Training With Pain

23 Feb 2024

Pain does not always equal damage This is a fundamental principle to remember when considering exercise, especially for individuals who experience chronic pain. While pain can be a signal that something isn’t quite right in our bodies, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is significant damage or danger present. Understanding this concept can empower individuals to […]

Can Online Physiotherapy Be Effective?

23 Feb 2024

Examination – How can someone tell what’s wrong if they never even see me in person? Multiple studies have actually looked at answering this exact question. In one study, it was found that in 61 out of 80 patients (that’s about 76%), the information gathered from talking to the patients and hearing about their symptoms […]