Aireen Vargas

Montréal, Canada

Aireen Vargas

Montréal, Canada

Main Products

  • 12 week Program (+1 private training / week)

    This 12-week program is an online coaching program with ONE PERSONAL TRAINING session per week with me (either in-person or via zoom) to ensure you are doing the exercises properly and keep you accountable. This program includes an individualized program that you will do on your own to help you achieve your goals. If you are someone who wants to make a change in your life but needs support and guidance, this program is for you. And in addition, you will actually learn the โ€œwhyโ€ behind what I coach you. My objective is not only to get you the results you want but for you to understand the reasons you are making these changes, allowing you to leave our program with the knowledge and tools to live your healthiest life.

    Every month you will get 1 session credits for PT Sessions (expire after 3 months)

    $175.00 CAD
    per month
  • 30-day Workout Program + 1 In-person/online session

    This package is for those looking to get a workout program that they can do on their own at their own time PLUS one in-person/online training session with me at a private gym (or online) to get you started on the right track and make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly. This program is a resistance-based training program designed to assist with the development of overall strength and lean muscle. This program also includes: -daily exercise(s) to perform: (resistance workouts, cardio, mobility, stretching sessions), supportive daily messages (about mindful eating and gratitude journaling), a start and finish progress assessment, and ONE in-person/online training session.

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for PT Sessions (expire after 1 month)

    $115.00 CAD
    one time
  • Basic Monthly Online Plan

    Get a personalized workout program for the next four weeks that you can do on your own. This program is for those who are capable of doing the designed workouts on their own and only need accountability. Initial consultation and a weekly check-in are included to guarantee results.

    $31.50 CAD
    per month
  • Basic Monthly Plan (4 in person sessions)

    Get a personalized IN-PERSON session once a week for the next four weeks to guarantee results. An initial consultation, nutrition coaching, and a weekly check-in are all included.

    $345.00 CAD
    per month
  • ONE-on-ONE Personal training session at the gym

    This is a private session at our private studio called R Fit,, located at 5111 de Maisonneuve W.

    $80.00 CAD
    one time

    Enjoy the benefits of a private training session at a lower cost. 2 people are allowed at the private studio for a total of 90.00$

    $90.00 CAD
    one time
  • Top 5 Fat Loss Secret

    IT is time to STOP the pointless diets and deprivation that do not work and do more damage to your body and self esteem and start changing our nutrition to one you can actually stick to long term and reach your goalsโ€ฆwanna know the secrets? There is no "perfect" diet or style of eating that is the secret to fat loss (ie. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, The cabbage soup diet lol)โ€ฆ These strategies are simple but so effective to help you reach your goals while not feeling deprived (and no you do not have to give up carbs lol). Find out now my top 5 Fat loss Secret and reach your goals!

    $5.00 CAD
    one time



    This is a semi-private program that allows you to train with me, as your coach, and other participants (maximum 4). The workouts are designed to your individual needs but at a fraction of a cost. The workouts schedules are as follows: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 4:30-5:30 pm & 6-7pm Saturdays: 9:00-10:00 am & 1:30-2:30pm

    Every day you will get 1 session credits for PT Sessions (do not expire)

    $30.00 CAD
    per day