Aireen specializes in one-on-one personal and online training. Train with me using our revolutionary online training app. You will get customized unique workouts, which you can access online or through your smartphone.

Main Products

  • 30-day Home workout Program

    FUN, EFFECTIVE, EASY TO FOLLOW: The program is easy to follow with clear video instructions. You will be guided through a series of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home. NO equipments required (optional). This program is a resistance based training program designed to assist with the development of overall strength and lean muscle. This program also includes: -Daily exercise(s) to perform: (resistance workouts, cardio, mobility and stretching sessions) , supportive daily messages (about mindful eating and gratitude journaling), a start and finish progress assessment and a full access to my trainerize app AND ME AS YOUR VIRTUAL COACH! And to help support YOU during this #stayathome crisis, I am offering a 25% discount applicable only until the end of April. Take advantage of this great offer as I have never given such a great discount before! For anyone who is now pumped to get started with, all you need to do is download the trainerize app and send me an email with the subject: I'M READY!

    $50.00 CAD
    one time
  • Top 5 Fat Loss Secret

    IT is time to STOP the pointless diets and deprivation that do not work and do more damage to your body and self esteem and start changing our nutrition to one you can actually stick to long term and reach your goals…wanna know the secrets? There is no "perfect" diet or style of eating that is the secret to fat loss (ie. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, The cabbage soup diet lol)… These strategies are simple but so effective to help you reach your goals while not feeling deprived (and no you do not have to give up carbs lol). Find out now my top 5 Fat loss Secret and reach your goals!

    $5.00 CAD
    one time

Session Packs

  • Basic Plan

    / 60 min / one time

    Get a personalized online or in-person session once a week as well as nutrition coaching for the next four weeks to guarantee results. A before and after assessment is also included to measure progress.

    4 Sessions

    Do not expire
    $300.00 CAD
    $75.00 / session