Flip The Switch Fitness is your one stop shop for workouts from beginner to advanced. Are ready to FLIP THE SWITCH?! Apply for 1 on 1 coaching at WWW.FLIPTHESWITCH.FITNESS

Main Products

  • Initial Session + Fitness Assessment

    Once you have booked this session you have decided it is time to FLIP the SWITCH! We will discuss your current fitness and eating habits that we can improve on to achieve your goals! The workout will last a total of 60 mins which will consist of a full body workout to assess overall physical strengths and areas that need improving. This sessions will be that start of your fitness journey where we set a goal that will be both attainable and challenging!

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for 1-on-1 Training Session (expire after 7 days)

    $55.00 USD
    one time

Session Packs

  • Personal Training Session Packages

    / 60 min / one time

    Bi Weekly or Monthly Commit to 3 months of in-person training this package! The sessions will be designed to help you reach your fitness goals. The training will consist of strength training, HIIT training, compound & functional movements, body-weight, weighted, Olympic, and dynamic exercises that will strengthen your core, balance, agility, and overall strength levels. This style of fitness will help you find your look! Package Includes: -4 Scheduled Sessions ($70/each) - Overall Fitness Assessment -Customized Workouts -Weekly Accountability -Nutritional Meal Guide Sessions held @: Svelte Performance 4101 Bryan Street Dallas, TX 75204 Sessions Expire: 14 or 30 Days from Purchase (Bi-Weekly /Monthly)

    1 Session

    Expire after 7 days
    $75.00 USD
    $75.00 / session

    4 Sessions

    Expire after 2 weeks
    $280.00 USD
    $70.00 / session

    6 Sessions

    Expire after 2 weeks
    $390.00 USD
    $65.00 / session

    8 Sessions

    Expire after 1 month
    $560.00 USD
    $70.00 / session

    10 Sessions

    Expire after 1 month
    $675.00 USD
    $67.50 / session

    12 Sessions

    Expire after 1 month
    $780.00 USD
    $65.00 / session