Johnny Fabi

St. Petersburg, United States

Johnny Fabi

St. Petersburg, United States

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  • 12 Week Shredd | Hybrid Hypertrophy

    Introducing our 12-Week Cutting Program, the ultimate solution for individuals seeking to sculpt their physique, shed unwanted fat, and maintain hard-earned muscle mass. Tailored for intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts, this program integrates a hybrid hypertrophy training regimen with dynamic training methodologies to optimize results. Program Highlights: Hybrid Hypertrophy Training: Our cutting-edge program combines hypertrophy-focused workouts with dynamic training techniques to maximize muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously. Each session is meticulously designed to challenge your body and stimulate muscle development while promoting fat burning. Three Distinct Four-Week Training Splits: Over the course of 12 weeks, participants will embark on three unique training splits, strategically crafted to prevent plateaus and continuously challenge your body's adaptation mechanisms. Progressive Cardiovascular Training: Cardiovascular endurance plays a pivotal role in achieving a shredded physique. Our program progressively increases cardio intensity throughout the 12 weeks, ensuring optimal fat loss while preserving muscle mass. Comprehensive Nutrition Guide: Fuel your transformation with our comprehensive nutrition guide, meticulously curated to support your fitness goals. Receive expert advice on macronutrient distribution, meal timing, and portion control, along with a sample meal plan to streamline your dietary regimen. Supplement Protocol: Enhance your performance and accelerate your results with our recommended supplement protocol. Gain insights into effective supplementation strategies tailored to complement your training and nutrition plan.

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 3 months)

    $99.00 USD
    one time
  • 14 Day FREE Trial Training program

    Try out online training for free with our 1 week trial. Get one week of awesome workouts, macro tracking, and sample meals.

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 2 weeks)

  • 3 Days Per Week: Full Body Linear Progression

    This program is perfect for newbie lifters that are just getting started in the gym. If you have a busy schedule and getting to the gym 5-6 days per week for hours at a time is just not realistic, this program is for you! This program is designed with the new lifter in mind. We want to take advantage of those newbie gains. When you first start working out you don't need some crazy scientific overcomplicated program. Pretty much anything you do will get you results at least at first. As you become more experienced as a lifter your body will adapt and progress becomes harder. With that in mind this 12 week 3 days per week full body circuit program is a great way to get started and then progress on to more advanced training methods.

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 2 months)

    $12.00 USD
    one time
  • 8-Week Elite Trainer

    Welcome to my 8-week Muscle-building Trainer program, a carefully designed system that has many different components. It’s going to require your commitment to consistency and your focused attention because I’ll be changing and adding principles to help you break through plateaus. I’m warning you now that the workouts will be heavy and extremely intense, but that’s crucial when you want to gain a significant amount of muscle in a relatively short time without risking injury. This program is going to challenge every type of muscle fiber and energy system you have. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect over the next four weeks: During the first two weeks, we’ll begin with overload principles that include rest/pause reps, supersets, drop sets and other advanced principles. This will prime your connective tissue and neuromuscular pathways to ensure you don’t plateau. This phase will also prime your body and brain for the next two weeks. During this second phase, we’ll put our muscle-building into overdrive by implementing my customized program that includes hybrids of my Dynamic Training Principles (DTP). DTP commences and concludes with high reps and short rest periods to target slow-twitch muscle fibers. Within the same workouts we drag that muscle group into the lower rep depths and drown the fast-twitch muscle fibers in a sea of lactic acid. DTP leaves no stone unturned by targeting both sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy. The workouts are intense, but you can follow them whether you’re a beginner or advanced; male or female; or, young or old. The key is to choose weights that are comfortable for you and that will allow you to reach failure by applying the intensity that’s right for you.

    $99.00 USD
    one time
  • All Inclusive Month-to-month

    Coaching package that includes nutrition, training, cardio, and supplementation plan with full oversight, video analysis, direct message access, 1 check-in per week, access to the Bunker Group chat, and 1 Video call with me each month

    Every month you will get 1 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 1 month)

    $350.00 USD
    per month
  • Fit over 30 | Home gym 30 day program

    Introducing "Fit Over 30," the ultimate home gym fitness program tailored specifically for men over 30 years old who are determined to sculpt their bodies, boost their energy levels, and reclaim their vitality. With Fit Over 30, you'll embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and more confident version of yourself, all from the comfort of your own home. What sets Fit Over 30 apart is its comprehensive approach to fitness, combining expertly designed workouts with instructional videos to ensure proper form and technique. This program is crafted to accommodate busy schedules and the unique needs of men in their thirties, prioritizing efficiency and effectiveness. Here's what you can expect from Fit Over 30: Tailored Workouts: Say goodbye to generic fitness routines. Fit Over 30 offers 20 meticulously crafted workouts, strategically designed to target key muscle groups, improve cardiovascular health, and enhance overall strength and endurance. Expert Guidance: Each workout comes with a corresponding video led by seasoned fitness professionals. Follow along as they demonstrate proper techniques, provide valuable tips, and offer motivation to keep you on track towards your fitness goals. Minimal Equipment, Maximum Results: No need for fancy gym equipment or bulky machinery. Fit Over 30 is designed to make the most out of minimal equipment, utilizing basic items commonly found in a home gym setup. From dumbbells to resistance bands, you'll discover how simple tools can yield remarkable results. Progressive Training: As you progress through the program, you'll encounter increasingly challenging workouts that push your limits and ignite muscle growth. With Fit Over 30, stagnation becomes a thing of the past as you continuously evolve and surpass your fitness milestones. Flexible Schedule: Whether you're juggling work commitments, family responsibilities, or other obligations, Fit Over 30 accommodates your lifestyle with flexible workout options. Choose the time and intensity that suit you best, and watch as consistency breeds results. Nutritional Guidance: Fitness is not just about exercise; it's also about fueling your body with the right nutrients. Fit Over 30 provides valuable nutritional guidance and meal planning tips to complement your training regimen and optimize your overall health and wellness. Are you ready to take control of your fitness journey and redefine what it means to be in the best shape of your life? Join the Fit Over 30 community today and unlock the key to a stronger, fitter, and more vibrant you!

    $19.95 USD
    one time
  • Shredded Summer Challange

    Summer is right around the corner and I want to help YOU start shedding these layers and shedding those extra holiday pounds with my 6-Week Summer 2.0 Challenge. This is not just a weight loss challenge, this is a total body transformation challenge. This is your chance to get in the best shape of your life, and I will be with you the entire way pushing you in the gym to make progress. The workouts will not be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever came from being easy, so you will need to dig deep these next 6 weeks if you want a chance to WIN! This is your opportunity to make yourself a priority. Test your physical toughness but more importantly your mental toughness. And if you follow through these next weeks, no matter what you will WIN! Be consistent!! I always say you don’t need the motivation to do the work; you just need discipline. Discipline will get you to the finish line. You will learn a lot about yourself in the next 8 weeks.

    On purchase, you will get 4 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 2 months)

    $400.00 USD
    one time
  • Student Membership

    Discounted membership for active students who maintain good grades and attendance.

    Every month you will get 1 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 1 month)

    $25.00 USD
    per month


  • 30 Days of Fitness

    🔥 Join Our December 30-Day Fitness Challenge! 💪🎄 Ready to finish the year strong? Embrace the festive season with our December 30-Day Fitness Challenge! 🌟 Commit to 30 days of transformative workouts, nutrition tips, and a supportive community to help you crush your fitness goals. 🏋️‍♂️ What to Expect: Daily, dynamic workouts are designed to boost strength and endurance. Nutritional guidance for a balanced and energized lifestyle. Access to a supportive community for motivation and accountability. Weekly check-ins to celebrate progress and stay on track.

    On purchase, you will get 10 session credits for Coaching Call (expire after 1 month)

    $99.95 USD
    one time

Session Packs

  • 1x Per Week 60 Min PT

    / 60 min / one time

    4 Session pack of PT 60 min sessions,

    4 Sessions

    Expire after 3 months
    $280.00 USD
    $70.00 / session