Dylan Confar

Greensboro, United States

Dylan Confar

Greensboro, United States

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Misconceptions, FAQs, and a Guide to Weight Loss

12 Jan 2023

With 2023 here already, it’s not only important to have goals set to have an idea of where to go but to have a map showing you where to go. In this article, I am going to address misconceptions, answer frequently asked questions about weight loss, and discuss how to begin or improve upon your […]

Humanize Your Health and Fitness Lifestyle

30 Dec 2022

The idea to humanize fitness and health has come up a lot with the people I work with, recently, with the new year coming around. When I ask about what goals we want to set and the specifics of them. I hear some very specific and perfectionist ideas of how to become healthy. Go to […]

How to Improve Confidence

28 Dec 2022

I always feel like confidence is one of the aspects that people talk about. But I have a very fluffy or vague understanding of how to improve confidence. When I hear someone say, “just be confident,” it reminds me of when I heard someone ask about how to lose weight, and the other person responded […]

Cardiovascular Exercise Recommendations

28 Nov 2022

Cardiovascular exercise is something known by many and liked by a few. It is simple and easy to understand, and you can implement it almost anywhere. With it being such a simple modality of exercise, it also comes with some downsides. Whereas resistance and weight training is more complex to understand, it has (in my […]

A Guide to Behavior Change

14 Nov 2022

One aspect of health and wellness that causes me pain deep down is how some people go about changing a behavior. Whether that be improving your exercise habits, nutrition habits, or lifestyle habits there are many mistakes I see people make when it comes to making these changes. There are also many professionals that also […]

Addressing the Myth of Mental Toughness

7 Nov 2022

Mental Toughness also referred to as “resilience,” is a buzzword thrown around by many and understood by few. When many think about mental toughness, they may think of it as ignoring pain and discomfort to accomplish a goal. This term is also stigmatized as not showing any emotion or pain to not seem weak or […]

The Pros and Cons of Goal Setting

24 Oct 2022

The discussion of goal setting is one of my favorite topics to discuss with others in the world of fitness, whether it be other trainers, clients, or individuals just looking for a place to start. While receiving my master’s degree in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology, I have loved providing resources to others […]

Motivation and Exercise. Re-Wire Your Motivational System

17 Oct 2022

Motivation is an elusive subject in the world of fitness and health, as it is seemingly forever fleeting. I am going to teach you some of the practical theories (in a very simplified way) in the hope that you will learn to use them to your advantage and to re-wire your motivational system.  The first […]