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Spine Things

28 Mar 2024

  The Spine & Bracing The most miss understood joints in the body, the spine. Made up of many individual joints, as seen in the images above by the blue circles stacked vertically. Running down our body as a center column surrounded by both anterior musculature (Red line) being our pecs and abdominal muscles, as […]

The Hip Basics

20 Mar 2024

Functional Anatomy 101 To start things off, let us get a basic understanding of the musculature that surrounds the hip joint as well as 2 of the basic functions. Above you can see 3 positions of the hip: standing, flexed, and then extended. For the sake of the article length, we’ll only be touching briefly […]

The Basics of Gym Gear

18 Mar 2024

We’ve all seen that one dude wearing every possible piece of gear just to quarter-rep a 135 back squat… Believe it or not, gym gear actually can be beneficial when utilized in the proper scenarios. Today, I’ll cover some of the gym gear that’s actually worthwhile and some benefits it can provide in certain scenarios. […]

Competitive Powerlifting

10 Mar 2024

Powerlifting Podium at Canadian National Championships If you’ve been pondering over the thought of powerlifting, especially to compete and hopefully go far with it, allow me to bestow some insightful words upon you today. Touching on the training and competing setbacks/bonuses. By the end of this hopefully you’ll have gained some perspective and insight into […]

Supplementation 101: Supplements Made Easy

29 Feb 2024

Supplements, in my opinion, are the most oversaturated niche in the whole fitness industry. Big companies that are quick to prey on those who have little understanding as well as those who constantly seek the the quick and easy way around things. Fear not my friends, today I will shed some light on the world […]

Sumo vs Conventional Deadlifts

14 Feb 2024

The Big Debate Probably one of the biggest debates in the strength world is if sumo deadlifts are cheating or not whether in competition or the gym during training. Despite the debate, people continue to pull their deadlifts using the sumo style to hoist monstrous amounts of weight. I have my preferences and opinions when […]

Progressive Overload In a Nutshell

9 Feb 2024

The Main Drive The reason I’m writing this article today is to shed some light on probably one of the most important pieces of information you can learn to ensure progress is happening every week you’re training. If you’ve ever had a half decent trainer or taken even the basic entry exams for becoming a […]

How to Structure a Strength Training Session

2 Feb 2024

The Basics So you want to start strength training and learning barbell movements but you don’t know where to start. Today we’ll uncover how to design/format a session to align with your best interest in getting strong. The first thing that comes to mind as a coach is that when I see people just starting […]

The Difference Between a Low Bar and High Bar Squats

29 Jan 2024

The Squat What is a squat? What are the different kinds of squats? Why do people utilize different variations? Through this article we’ll dive head first into the squat, keeping it between high bar and low bar for the sake of time and efficiency. We’ll take a look at the mechanics and benefits of both […]

The Philosophical Meathead

26 Jan 2024

The Back Story Day after day, month after month, year after year, indulging in physical discipline whenever the opportunity presented itself to me, which as a trainer, was quite a lot. Every day eager to engage in something that would definitely suck during the moment, but would leave me with a deep sense of fulfillment […]