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Sumo vs Conventional Deadlifts

14 Feb 2024

The Big Debate Probably one of the biggest debates in the strength world is if sumo deadlifts are cheating or not whether in competition or the gym during training. Despite the debate, people continue to pull their deadlifts using the sumo style to hoist monstrous amounts of weight. I have my preferences and opinions when […]

Progressive Overload In a Nutshell

9 Feb 2024

The Main Drive The reason I’m writing this article today is to shed some light on probably one of the most important pieces of information you can learn to ensure progress is happening every week you’re training. If you’ve ever had a half decent trainer or taken even the basic entry exams for becoming a […]

How to Structure a Strength Training Session

2 Feb 2024

The Basics So you want to start strength training and learning barbell movements but you don’t know where to start. Today we’ll uncover how to design/format a session to align with your best interest in getting strong. The first thing that comes to mind as a coach is that when I see people just starting […]

The Difference Between a Low Bar and High Bar Squats

29 Jan 2024

The Squat What is a squat? What are the different kinds of squats? Why do people utilize different variations? Through this article we’ll dive head first into the squat, keeping it between high bar and low bar for the sake of time and efficiency. We’ll take a look at the mechanics and benefits of both […]

The Philosophical Meathead

26 Jan 2024

The Back Story Day after day, month after month, year after year, indulging in physical discipline whenever the opportunity presented itself to me, which as a trainer, was quite a lot. Every day eager to engage in something that would definitely suck during the moment, but would leave me with a deep sense of fulfillment […]

The Plague of Science Based Bros

18 Jan 2024

The Paradigm Shift If you’ve been on Instagram over the last year or two you’ve probably noticed the surge of “Science based” lifters pushing in the “new” era of training methodologies. Everywhere you look a new influencer is claiming “science said this is the best way to do this” or “you must do this and […]

The Difference in Strength and Hypertrophy Training

16 Jan 2024

Strength vs Hypertrophy Training I’m sure by now we’ve all seen either the super strong powerlifters squatting a million plates or the jacked-up bros with pecs bigger than most girls. These two titans make up the majority of gym memes nowadays and are often grouped into the same category. However, their training styles are quite […]

Is Arching Bad?

16 Jan 2024

If you’ve scrolled through a powerlifter’s feed on social media, I’m sure you’ve come across comments about their arches whether taken to extreme degrees down to the most subtle curve in the back. Through this article, we’ll take a dive into why people arch, where and when this could be beneficial, and then finally decipher […]