Courtney Shaw

Edmonton, Canada

Courtney Shaw

Edmonton, Canada

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Heart Rate Monitors in Strength Training

18 Mar 2019

Determining Rest Times How do you decide how long to rest between sets? Do you use a timer? Go by how you feel? Do you just do whatever your trainer suggests, or what you’ve heard on the internet? There is a lot of varying information out there about how long between sets is optimal for […]

How to Make the Most of Active Recovery

7 Mar 2019

Let’s talk about Active Recovery Proper recovery can be just as important as training. Athletes who train too hard without giving themselves adequate recovery time are prone to poor performance, burnout, and injury. Why do we do active recovery? Research shows that active recovery has increased performance advantages over passive recovery alone. Physiological benefits of […]

Supplements: What’s Actually In Them?

21 Jan 2019

If you are an athlete competing in a drug tested sport, you are probably already aware of the potential for supplements to be tainted or contain unlisted ingredients. But beyond those surprise ingredients causing a failed drug test, what are the other dangers of this poorly regulated industry? Should the general public be concerned, even […]

Fitness Tests – Great Way to Track Your Health

12 Jul 2018

As kids, whether you were active and into sports or not, we all had to participate in gym class. As we get older, physical education becomes less about playing dodgeball and more about health and fitness. In high school, most of us had to go through the dreaded fitness test – flexibility, push up, sit […]

BCAAs and Sports Performance

12 Jun 2018

BCAAS: What are they? What do they do? Who should be using them? Are they worth it? BCAA stands for branch chain amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The logic behind supplementing with BCAAs is that they will help build muscle tissue. However, studies have shown that BCAA supplementation does not […]

5 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

12 Jun 2018

Here are 5 qualities of a personal trainer that will benefit you right away! 1. Accountability Personal trainers or even group fitness instructors offer a level of accountability that is difficult to maintain on our own. Most people are taught at a young age that it is important not to fall back on our commitments […]

Measurements: Body Fat Percentage vs Total Body Weight

11 Jun 2018

There is an overload of information out there about what metric you should be using to determine your health and fitness level. Here’s what you need to know! Most people have a general idea of how to use total body weight as an indicator of progress and health status, others use body measurements in inches, […]