Emily Anger

London, United Kingdom

Emily Anger

London, United Kingdom

Main Products

  • CBA Alliance - Exercise Focus

    Periodised training programs with a new phase every 5 weeks. Support & Accountability inside the FaceBook Community

    960.00kr SEK
    per month
  • The CBA Alliance - Body Transformation

    Personalised training plans for goals. Nutritional strategies for fat loss & muscle gain. Lifestyle optimisation for improving health. Weekly Feedback. Daily Support & Accountability. Lifetime access to FaceBook Community.

    3,199.00kr SEK
    per month
  • The Inner Outer Game™ (3 month pay plan)

    Helping you transform your body by working with the subconscious mind to eliminate behavioural patterns such as emotional eating, bingeing and self-doubt, as well as providing you with science based strategies to reach your physical goals without unnecessary restrictive diets and excessive training plans. 1-1 coaching. Group Coaching. Lifetime access to FaceBook Community. All plans and programs bespoke to your needs and goals. "The fat loss journey that don't feel like a diet"

    11,500.00kr SEK
    per month


  • Intensive Break Through Day

    Intensive 1-1 coaching we will utilise Time Line Therapy to help you release all 5 Negative Emotions (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt) that may be affecting the quality of your life and ability to chase your dreams.

    10,000.00kr SEK
    one time

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