Jono Marsh

Auckland, NZ

Jono Marsh

Auckland, NZ

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  • Slimming4Life Personal Weight Loss Challenge

    Welcome to your own personal Weight Loss Challenge! How exciting to know that if you follow this programme to the letter, you can lose 12kgs or more in the next 90 days. Without dieting! I’m going to introduce you to the very latest scientific evidence on what makes fat so hard to shift. And help you put into practice a few very simple steps that will make it fall away.

    $99.00 NZD
    one time


  • Slimming4Life +

    The ultimate addition to your personal weight loss challenge, you'll get access to my ultimate fat melting workouts & a recipe e-book with my favourite low GI meals that the whole family will love.

    $29.00 NZD
    per month
  • Slimming4Life Meal Mate

    Still struggling with making that menu? Take the guess work away with Slimming4Life Meal Mate. You'll get a 3 day repeatable menu that features 'meal swap' to give you more freedom to eat what you want & the ability to change it up when you get bored or if there's a shortage at the supermarket. These meals are great for your whole family so no need to make different dinners for the kids. Paleo, vegan & vegetarian options available. Suitable for most food allergies & intolerances.

    $19.00 NZD
    per month

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