Body By Robbie specializes in Functional Training, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Dallas, Texas.

Main Products

  • Online Training

    Adapt your fitness program to your lifestyle with online training. If you travel often for work or prefer the comfort of your own home, I provide a customized experience, suitable for any setting, via our app. View your workouts, track your meals, send me messages, and more—access everything you need on your mobile device or desktop. (Meal prepping and delivery available upon request.)

    $119.99 USD
    per month


  • Custom Meal Plan

    Education is key when it comes to proper nutrition. That’s why I offer a separate service devoted to meal planning. Your dietary restrictions and workout goals should work together. Learn specific techniques to make meal prepping easier. Discover how to enjoy “cheat days” and still reach your fitness goals. Meal prepping and delivery are available through our partner, Prepped and Ready Meal Prep.

    $80.00 USD
    one time
  • Restorative Therapy Session

    Aches and pains? Come see me! My unique regimen of deep tissue massages and corrective exercises reduces the discomfort associated with many injuries. I employ the same level of care I used when working with both professional and division I athletes. Sign up for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss the best way to restore proper function to your body.

    $119.99 USD
    one time