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The Rise in Technology: How it Helps With Fitness Goals

20 Apr 2024

Technology has come such a long way since I was a child. From dial-up internet to AOL instant messenger, the TomTom GPS, and Nokia cell phones (the big blocky ones, the size of a brick); we millennials have seen quite a transformation in the technological empire. Sure, there are some issues that widespread access to […]

Achieving Perfect Balance

2 Apr 2024

I hope this title caught your attention. The truth is titles like this are misleading. There is no way to achieve a “perfect” balance. And if someone is telling you this, then be wary of what they may be leaving out of the narrative. Life can be messy and unpredictable, and sometimes we have to […]

Taking Time to Take Care of You

22 Mar 2024

As primary caregivers of our families, it can become easy to get wrapped in the needs of everyone else around you. Before you realize it, an entire day has transpired, and you’re quite exhausted from the output of taking care of everyone in your household while neglecting yourself. It’s a valiant sacrifice, no doubt. But […]

Body Image as a Detriment to Your Fitness Journey

22 Mar 2024

Let’s discuss body image – a topic that affects quite a bit of us in our journeys toward fitness and wellness. Not everyone is starting their journey in a place where they are already feeling proud of where they are. Sometimes, starting in a mental space where we feel like we’re in a deficit already […]

How to Kickstart Your Postpartum Fitness Journey

18 Mar 2024

You made it through nine months of creating a new human and now you have brought forth this little miracle into the world. It definitely wasn’t easy, and depending on how active you were able to be throughout your pregnancy, the labor may have been another tumultuous chapter in the entire journey. However, in about […]