Dear student, Bio Active Bio Active Health and Fitness Centre offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement training, reconditioning and personal training in the North Gold Coast. Bio Active's behaviour and results-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals, whether they involve weight loss, healthier lifestyle, injury rehabilitation or sports performance. Time and effort spent training at Bio Active will translate into peak performance in any aspect of your daily life and/or athlete’s respective sport. If you are looking to lose weight or need a jumpstart to getting back in shape, our coaches will provide the knowledge and the means to help you become fit and the motivation to stay that way. It is a pleasure to have you here with us at Bio Active Strength & Conditioning. Our belief is that Bio Active not only changes us physically, it just as important affects our mind and emotional state in a profoundly positive way. Through your commitment to a healthier YOU, we guarantee that your journey with us will serve to make you a more focused, energetic and happier human being. Thank you! Willians and Anna Founders of Bio Active Health and Fitness Centre