HI I’M ARRABELLA “I teach people how to build a sustainable lifestyle of health, fitness, and well-being. Watching people overcome challenges and start living with confidence and strength is what I LIVE FOR” I created the ARVAmethod to make holistic health and fitness accessible and sustainable. ARVA stands for Activate, Restore, Vitalize, Attain. These are the four pillars that make up the foundation for a lifetime of good health and disease prevention. By building your lifestyle around these pillars, you can learn how to live the kind of life that gives you more choices and fewer obstacles, better health and less health management, better fitness and less injury. Holistic health is about living well and pursuing meaningful experiences. I want to teach you how to trust your body and explore all that is possible when you learn how to follow your intuition. There is nothing beyond your reach when you know how to create a plan for success and build a strategy around your vision. Sports performance, weight loss and management, injury recovery and prevention, disease management and prevention, pain management, and lifestyle design are what I can help you achieve. I want to see you living your vision for a better life. I want to see you find your strongest and most capable self. I want to see you thriving.