Andrew Shaw

Auckland, New Zealand

Andrew Shaw

Auckland, New Zealand

Main Products

  • 14 Day Trial Program

    The program includes: - 1 initial prep week filled with key information about the 2-week program - 2 full weeks with training, exercises, and cardio activities - Full access to my in-app client portal - Videos can be watched of each exercise from within the app once signed up - Complimentary 7 steps to success in eating right

    $0.99 NZD
    one time
  • 30-day online workout challenge

    Ready to take on your 30-day challenge and start on your path to a healthier and happier life? Alright, let's go! Includes full app access to exercise videos library and tracking online. You can also print it off in PDF form if you wish. Over the coming weeks, give it everything you've got, and know that I'm here with you every step of the way.

    $49.99 NZD
    one time
  • Individualised, custom built, in-app access, weekly training program subscription (12 months)

    Designed specifically to your own body's needs. In addition, full app access allows you to view videos of exercise, track progress and ultimately achieve the best results. All training updated weekly and peridosed. Tracking of goals. Add on a full nutrition plan.

    $29.99 NZD
    one time


  • One off meal plan designed with shopping list and recipes

    Basic option. This tailor-made plan is designed for your specific needs and own body shape and requirements. Included are meals, snacks, a shopping list, and recipes. This add-on to your training plan can be purchased alone or with the training program alongside to maximize fast results.

    $97.97 NZD
    one time
  • Weekly Individualised Meal plan subscription (12 months)

    Premium experience. This comprehensive individual meal plan is what you need if you are serious about real results. Each week you will be sent a plan based specifically on your individual goals and energy demands. As your body changes, the meal plan will change to fit your new body. Food swaps allowed. In addition, full app access allows complete tracking throughout. A weekly shopping list and recipes are included.

    $19.99 NZD
    per month

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