Almost PerFit Fitness is a private personal training gym that specializes in weight loss, weight gain and fitness competition preparation. Our personal trainers will guide you through the nutrition, weight training and cardio requirements necessary to achieve your personal fitness goals. Call us today for a FREE consultation!

Main Products

  • $1 Fitness Consultation (Face-to-Face Personal Training)

    Are you looking for a face-to-face personal trainer in the Houston area? If so, Sign-up today for a $1 fitness consultation! Let’s talk about what needs to be done for you to have your DREAM BODY and hopefully get you scheduled to train. This can be done face-to-face or virtually. *After purchase an Almost PerFit Fitness trainer will contact you via phone and/or email to get you scheduled at the next available consultation opening.

    $1.00 USD
    one time

    This program is great to use as a personal 2-week challenge or starter program to jump start your fitness journey! The program includes: - 1 initial prep week filled with key information about the 2-week program - 1 general meal plan - 2 full weeks with training exercises, and stretching activities - 1 additional week at the end of the trial program with additional information for those who would like to become a online training clients!

  • Custom Online Fitness Training

    Looking for 100% CUSTOM online personal training? This is what you need! Includes- -Custom gym workouts* 3-5 Days (all gym workouts change every 4 weeks) -Custom Meal Plan (unlimited revisions) -Custom cardio instructions -Daily home workouts -Custom fitness activity scheduling in your app calendar -In app messaging with me *Custom gym workouts are made with your specific available equipment (Full gym, apartment gym, garage gym, dumbbells only etc.)

    $11.98 USD
    per week
  • Online Fitness Training (No customization)

    Trying to lose weight but don't know where to start? This is all you need! Includes- -Daily home workouts -Daily cardio instructions -3 full gym workouts (all gym workouts change every 4 weeks) -General Meal Plan (no customization) -All activity is prescheduled in your calendar weekly

    $7.98 USD
    per week

Session Packs

  • Video Coaching Call

    / 30 min / one time

    Need more help with your fitness plan? Schedule a video coaching call with me! In this call we will discuss… • Your current program and any questions • What you're doing well or not so well • Current Obstacles • Motivation • Other topics etc. • Follow ups

    1 Session

    Expire after 1 month
    $25.00 USD
    $25.00 / session