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Boise, United States

Benjamin Tiller

Boise, United States

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14 Sep 2017

Any personal trainer or life coach will tell you to always pursue SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound). For example, a goal to lose twenty pounds in the next six months would be considered a solid SMART goal for weight loss. SMART goals are great milestones, however, they rarely are exactly what […]

Strength OR Endurance Athletes?

19 May 2017

In general, endurance athletes put resistance training on the back burner. It makes sense at first glance. The SAID principle, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands, suggests that endurance athletes should prioritize their activity over resistance training. Although that may be true to some extent, any runner that has ever been injured due to an overuse […]

Picking The Right Marathon Training Plan

28 Apr 2017

Throw a metaphorical dart through the internet, and you’ll come across a marathon training plan. Training Plan Options You can get a free, generic template just by searching the internet, you could pay for a template based on your recent race performances, or you could look into getting a specific template based on your own […]

Finding Running Shoes That Work For You

9 Apr 2017

Since the rise of Nike, running companies have marketed a seemingly endless array of types of running shoes. For a beginning, or even more advanced runner it can be difficult to determine what is a legitimate concern when picking a shoe, and what is a clever marketing gimmick. There are a handful of factors that […]