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Too Cardio, or Not Too Cardio: an Experiment

20 Mar 2021

Do you ever get sick of hearing that you won’t lose weight without proper cardio and that cardio is the heart of your program? As an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, with an average of 19% body fat, I decided to experiment. For three weeks, I participated in strength training, and conditioning without the addition of […]

Accountability and Motivation in Online Fitness Programs

2 Mar 2021

The hardest part of an online fitness program is not the burpees. It’s accountability. Most people figure, “Hey – I paid for this, and I want to get trim before beach season”, not accounting for the fact that you actually have to open the program and do the workouts on a consistent basis to see the […]

Hot Sauce on Your Weight Loss

15 Feb 2021

Have you ever heard someone recommend “spicy food” as a weight-loss strategy? It sounds pretty farfetched, I know. All those years of “experts” telling us that “spicy foods cause ulcers, IBS, and or hemorrhoids! Yeah, so that is actually wrong, and we’re going to dive into this right away! Let’s start with the technical stuff. […]

Fitness, Moms, and Alcohol

15 Feb 2021

It’s everywhere these days. The memes tell us that if the kids don’t behave, we need to pound back a bottle of wine. The TV commercials tell us that if we’re out for dinner – we should enjoy cocktails to heighten the dining experience. It’s plagued social media, radio advertising, and TV. Alcoholism is in.  […]